Crafting custom WordPress sites.

Wordpress Development.

I build custom WordPress & Woocommerce driven websites that are fast, secure and easy to manage.

 A new project or need some tweaking on an existing one? Give me a shout and I’ll hook you up.

Front-end Development.

I love making pretty things on the web using all kinds of frontend tech.

Working with some funky Javascript framework or some crazy Sass builds? No biggie.

Analytics & A/B Testing

When a website is finished, I make sure visitors can complete the goals without getting lost or stuck and I keep track of your website analytics so we can keep improving.

Want to get some online marketing going? I know the right people.

Projects I've collaborated on.

“Wouter did some crafty coding and helped us build a secure, easy to use and fast WordPress setup for Studio 100 TV which is linked up with the television network schedule and content”

Stijn, Studio 100 TV
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