I help agencies and freelancers deliver kickass WordPress sites to their clients

Digital Strategy.

You’re planning a new website with your client and need an extra head for a brainstorm session? Count me in. I’ll be happy to share my thoughts and I’m sure we can figure out an awesome strategy.


Got a fancy design and templates just aren’t your thing? No worries, I can custom code your entire WordPress site. I ensure it’s fast, safe, responsive and has a really easy to use back-end for you and your clients. Any questions? Give me a shout!


No point having a website that’s annoying to use. I can help out in the design process to figure out what to put where to ensure users have an amazing time visiting the new website.

Projects I've collaborated on.

“Wouter did some crafty coding and helped us build a secure, easy to use and fast WordPress setup for Studio 100 TV which is linked up with the television network schedule and content”

Stijn, Studio 100 TV
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